Tristan Troby

Tristan Troby holds a Master in Sociology and a Bachelor in Market economy, and he has studied Epidemiology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases. He is also authorised to train leaders on Pedagogical methods for dialogue, conflict resolution, and behavioural change.


In the end of 1988, Tristan was involved in school information directed towards pupils and students concerning sexual health, and of course HIV and AIDS. During 1990 he intensified the work on HIV prevention and was given more and more responsibilities. The work consisted of project management, information managements and from 1994 Tristan was coordinating the prevention activities within the municipality of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The health sector, authorities, and NGOs were trained, and strategy work was created and developed to meet the threat of the pandemic. Tristan represented the Municipality of Gothenburg in Multi-City Action Plan on AIDS (MCAP on AIDS), a WHO project working on HIV prevention in 16 other European cities. The aim of this project was to set strategically minimum standards for the prevention work in the cities respectively.

Tristan is experienced in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and issues regarding sexuality and sexual orientation. In 2004-2006 Tristan was working for the Museum of World Cultures, with an exhibition, No Name Fever – AIDS in Times of Globalization. The work consisted of developing and running educational programs and arranging seminars and conferences on the subject.


Tristan continued his international career founding PEER Somali Network, an HIV prevention programme, coordinating 15 NGOs working on local prevention in Somalia and Somaliland. Parallel to this work, he was project manager for PEER Belarus, and was involved in projects and training in Romania, Nepal, and various places in Sweden.


In 2008 Tristan was asked by the Minister of Health in Kurdistan Iraq to outline a proposal on how to work on HIV and AIDS for this self-governing region in Iraq. With approved funds from KRG – Kurdistan Regional Government – he started the implementation process in 2010, creating Iraq’s first comprehensive AIDS programme (AIDS Programme for Kurdistan) in close collaboration with Kurdistan Save the Children, and later a co-funder of the programme. At this time he was one of the first Europeans employed by the Ministry of Health, and had the position as coordinator of the AIDS programme, reporting directly to the Minister of Health.


Due to increased security instability in 2014 in the nearby region of Mosul and Syria, the AIDS Programme for Kurdistan was put on hold.

Today, Tristan is the president of Noaks Ark in Gothenburg & Västra Götaland County, and a member of the national Noaks Ark board. Noaks Ark is an organisation working on support for people living with HIV and relatives, and is an active part in the HIV prevention and anti-stigma work in Sweden.