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AIDS: An Ongoing Pandemic

- and how do deal with it

About 38 million human beings are living with HIV or AIDS around the globe. AIDS still claims approximately 100,000 deaths each month, due to the fact that less than half of the persons with HIV have access to the medical treatments available! Lately though, many of the leaders round the world now acknowledge the virus – HIV – that causes AIDS. With a better situation in the African continent, the fastest spread of the virus is now taking place in the Middle East and the former Soviet states. A lot of people are consistently battling the lack of knowledge among peers, and try to make a difference. Local initiatives make difference on global level…

Troby preventions offer a new way of approach to combat AIDS as a phenomenon introducing a holistic view of the many parts of the phenomenon AIDS is

As a part of my work, I am dedicated helping other organisations devoted to helping children and people in needs.

You can also help to support their work through donations.

In my lectures, I use my long experience as a tool to inspire, develop and open up peoples mind to new ideas, in order to reach an effective and sustainable change.

I am available for seminar, lecture, training and methodological development.

To provide a holistic view for effective AIDS prevention work, we need to do this.


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